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Sea Kayaking in Mauritius

Mauritius is an idyllic location for Sea Kayaking (like a canoe). It ‘s beautiful vast protected lagoons offer great paddling experiences.

From mangroves mazes to river mouths, as well as huge crystal clear lagoons & isolated islets.

And for the more experienced paddlers, open water crossings are available.

We recommend our clients to use the Reef Safe sun cream. 

Our guides are qualified through the British Canoe Union.

Ile d'Ambre

NOTE: No prior kayaking experience needed.

Sea kayaking courses

Kayak courses under the supervision of a BCU coach. Ratio- 1 instructor to 8 participants.

Star 2 Course (**) – 4 hours (Star 1 mandatory)

  • Turning techniques without using a rudder (Sweeps, Bow rudder, Cross bow rudder, Stern rudder)
  • Using a paddle float
  • Backward Paddling
  • Lateral draw strokes
  • Towing (Tow lines and contact tows)

Star 3 Course (***) – 6 hrs (Star 2 mandatory)

  • Putting it all into use in windy and rougher conditions
  • Rock hopping and caves
  • Surfing
  • Safety drills (Quick rescues, Unconscious paddler etc.)
  • Basics Eskimo rolling

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